My children will ask me, “mom how did you learn to type so fast?”  “Typing class”, I replied.  They say, “Typing class? What the heck is that?”  “You know a typewriter and the teacher teaches you where all the keys are, and you memorize them.  And then the teacher times you to see how fast you can type.  Do they teach that to you in school? Maybe they would call it keyboarding now?”  “Hardly”  they said.  ”So that’s why you can type with your eyes shut,” “exactly”, I said.

Now with computers and other devices a typewriter is so outdated.  There are so many devices that one uses today.

What about shorthand?  Did you take that class in High School?  If you don’t know what I am talking about, well I guess you are too young to understand.

Please share with us if you took typing or shorthand class and share a story you remember from those days! 

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