Boy do I wish money grew on trees!

But reality is, it doesn’t so that brings me to what I wish more then money growing on trees. I wish I would have opened a Roth IRA when I first started working.  I would have been a millionaire by now!  When I grew up my parents were workers, hard workers at that, but they didn’t teach us to save because they didn’t know to much about saving and investing.  I had a job working at a doughnut shop and baby sat for four years while I was in High School.  If I had just saved half of that!  I did pay for my first car, braces and college.  So most of the money was spent wisely, but I wish had saved some of my money.

Both my husband and I teach our children the importance of saving money and how to budget.  We also talk to them about getting an IRA as soon as they start working and to forget about it.  They need to save as much as they allow you to save in your IRA and continue to save and if at all possible never take the money out.  That would be one of my suggestions to all teens and those in their 20′s who are working.  Trust me you will not miss the money, you just will be happy you saved early, so that you can rely on yourself and not on others or the government.  You will be able to do the things you want to do with your hard working money later in life!  So consider and research where you can get a Roth IRA account once you get your first pay check, you won’t regret it!

What is one piece of advice you would give to a teen when it comes to finances?

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