‘The Struggle Is Real’  is a phrase most teenagers use to explain the frustration and/or difficultly towards something. If someone was studying for a test, but couldn’t understand what the material meant, they might say “the struggle is real with this science test!”

It’s hard being a teen in the 21st century.  Really it is, ask any teen what they are facing now a days.  Peer pressure, pressure to do well in school, pressure of getting A’s so they can get in at least one of the colleges they are thinking of attending.  Plus, the pressure  of having to eventually pay off a loan, without any guarantee to having a job when they graduate.  Just think of the students that don’t make straight A’s?  They give it their all:  they study, do their homework, get tutored, join clubs, volunteer, etc.  I think our expectations are too high!  So therefore ‘The Struggle Is Real’!

Please tell us if you think what teens are facing today is the same or different compared to what you faced when you were a teen.  Do today’s teens have it easier or harder?

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