Tweeting is not the tweeting as we use to know it to be, like a bird making a chirping or tweeting sound.  Now tweeting is what you do when you post or micro blog on the social media site called “Twitter”.  You cannot put more then 140 characters in your post.  You can use a ‘hashtag’ # (which I will get into later) or the ‘at sign’  @ (again which I will get into that later).  Some will post ‘love Ben & Jerry’s New York Chocolate Chunk #orangeroom #icecream @generationsyap’.

Yes, it sounds crazy that I want the world to know what I like or what my favorite ice cream is.  Do I really want everyone to know this information? Well, maybe if you are a public figure, in business or write a blog and want to get your information out there.  But otherwise, what is it that drives one to do this?  Is it the need for attention?

Why do you think people love Twitter or better question why do you use Twitter?

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