What is Facebook?  

Well it’s not a book as you would know it.  It’s a website or a social media site, where you can keep up with your family, friends, find old friends and meet new friends.  It’s like a ‘This is your LIFE’, year book on your computer.  But it’s more up to date and interactive.

What is their target market? 

It use to be for all, but now it seems, according to teens, it’s for old people.  Old people which means if you are over 25 years old that is.  Folks post all kinds of information.  How many grandchildren they have, why they are proud of their children, what they are eating for dinner, where they are going on vacation and who they are going with.

Are FANPAGE’s for Rock Star’s?

Some people even have fan pages, like us, which can be the name of their business or blog site or maybe it’s dedicated to a loved one who has needs or has passed away. Maybe they are a Rock Star or Artist, or some kind of public figure.  Our fan page is called, guess what?  GenerationsYap of course!  So how do you get to someones fan page.  Same way you search for someones name.  www.Facebook.com/GenerationsYap is how you would find ours.  I also have my personal Facebook page, yet that is for people I know and that I want to share more of my personal information with.

So do you have a Facebook profile?  

If you don’t have a Facebook page then what are you waiting for?  Let us know if you have any questions that we can answer for you?  If we can’t give you the answers, then we most likely can point you in the right direction. So try us, ask away!

Do you have a Facebook profile?  If so, how often do you look at it?



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