One of two meanings!

When I was growing up my dad was someone who fixed things in our house.  We didn’t call a handyman because he was the handyman!  Not by trade, but by experience.  His family were farmers harvesting apple orchards.  Thankfully, I married someone who is also a handyman.  Again not by trade, but from being brought up that way on a farm.  I am seeing a trend here: farming!  I have noticed, that my daughter seems to be the one who helps her dad when coming to painting the house, fixing things and building tables.  She enjoys learning things like this, a little more than my son.  She seems to be the one at church and school to fix things when it comes to technology, or equipment.

I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my dad taught me about how to care for a car.  How to change a tire and change the oil, even how to deal with an overheated radiator.


So what’s a dip stick?  

It’s the stick that tells you how much oil you have or don’t have in your car. It also can be a term used to call someone who is not acting the most intelligent at that given time.

I do admit, in my younger years, I am guilty of calling my brother’s a ‘dip stick’.  Why you ask?  Well, they probably got me mad or thumped me in the head.  They were boys and sometimes my brothers were annoying.  I love them now, although I do think they earned the term “Dip Stick” at times.

Share a time when you acted like a dip stick.

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