You can’t earn the dough if you can’t get a job with a Master’s Degree!

Lindsay Moriarty knows this first hand.  She graduated from UNC with a Master’s Degree and couldn’t get a job.  So she thought “I can either work at the mall and make minimum wage, or I have to reinvent my self.”  Lindsay grew up with a father who was a well know chef in South Florida, his advice was never go in to the food industry.  But Lindsay decided to start experimenting with making doughnuts because literately there was a HOLE in that market. There were no doughnut shops downtown Durham, NC and the only ones in the area were just franchises we all know.



So Lindsay’s husband made a box to put on a vintage bike and Lindsay got creative in the kitchen and started making doughnuts.  She decided to sell her doughnuts at the Durham Farmers Market.  Her business took off quickly and would sell out quicker then she could make the doughnuts.  Someone approached her and gave her the opportunity to have a brick-and-mortar doughnut and bagel business.  She took them up on it.  And now her husband, who was attending Duke to get his Doctored Degree, decided to put it on hold to help Lindsay make the shop work.  Well it’s working beyond their dreams.  Most of the time the line is out the door and seating is limited.  If you are craving your favorite doughnut it maybe sold out for the day, so get their early if you can.






The two doughnuts below are two of my favorites.  Chocolate cake doughnut with Chai Glaze, yummy, and the one in front is a raised Maple Bacon Glazed Doughnut.










The bagel sandwiches are to die for.






Ask Al Growden of Knoxville, TN who traveled to Durham and did a food tour. This bagel sandwich was the highlight of his trip.  You can tell how much he enjoyed it by this photo below.


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