Here is my little cousin Tommy, who is so cute.

His mom, Becky, explains why she made the sign to express the hurt she felt because a thief had taken Tommy’s pumpkin right off their porch. It was crazy because I was looking at Facebook when I noticed that another cousin had posted the story from the local news who was reporting on the event. Someone had walked by Tommy’s home and saw the sign, took a photo and then posted it — and it went viral. So then I called my children to watch the short news report and they said “they just said something on TV about Tommy and his pumpkin being stolen.” They were going to show the story on Inside Edition, so we tuned in and that is what you see here.

We called my cousin Charlie and he said it was funny how much media attention this sign got.  Tommy’s dad told me that they received many donations, including 200 pumpkins from a local farm! I think Tommy’s lesson is that even though some people do bad things, there are good people out there that will do GREAT things for others in this world!

CLICK HERE To Watch Tommy and his mom Becky on Inside Edition!  

What are your thoughts on Becky’s sign?  Would you do something like this if they did this to your child?

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