My daughter said she wanted Tumblr, so I filled these tumblers up with her favorite colored beverage.  She laughed at what I did, not uncommon these days.  She said, ”Mom, Tumblr is a social media site where teens do… well, like what you do on Facebook.”  So we did some research and got her a Tumblr account, that we set up under an alias name.  We do keep her password and check her account often because we want to be sure she is safe in using social media.

Now look what I have, a Tumblr account of my own. Below you see my home page and a few of my postings, and yes, they look dated, but I must be a little cool if I am doing Tumblr, aren’t I?


 This is how my teen describes Tumblr:  ”It’s ‘Twitter meets Instagram’ but with more jokes, fandoms, and gifs (gifs: flashing photo screens above).”  I don’t know what these all mean, we will learn and read about these later.  I still need to find out what Fandoms are!  One step at a time.

 Do you or your children have a Tumblr account?  How much time do you or they spend on it?


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