For years my children and I have made a Gingerbread House for the Holidays!  This year I bought a kit to make a village of gingerbread houses.  I wondered if they may not want to make one being they are teens and much older, but they both voted yes to making it!  So yesterday we made our yearly traditional Gingerbread Houses.


We made a village of Gingerbread houses!  My daughter made two, my son made two, and I made one!  I wasn’t going to do it, but once I got started I was having so much fun that I even added to their houses after they asked me to!

My daughter is into Dr. Who, so that is why she made this one!  Did you say Tardis? (Dr. Who fans know what I am speaking about)image_5

Our son is a great artist!  Not one of his “Picassos”, but he did a great job too!



I have learned not to assume that our children are too old for certain traditions, I just need to ask them if they want to do it or not and if it’s a yes then jump on it!

What will you be doing in preparing for the holidays that is a tradition for your family?

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