You caught me!  Guilty!  I do have a hiding place, well maybe more than one.  What is it that we have a need to hide things?  Is it privacy?  Is it that we are afraid our goods will be taken?  Are we that distrusting that we must hide things?  I can understand having a place to put your valuables.  But is chocolate or your favorite popcorn a valuable?  I guess it depends on who you are talking to!

Yes, in this photo I divulge one of my stashes, now I will have to move it because my family will see this and figure out what I am hiding and where I am hiding it.  Darn!


When I was a child I would hide in this bathroom to eat chocolate. If I didn’t hide and eat the chocolate in my secret place, then I had to share it with my other three siblings.  Everything got split into fours in our home. I remember having a Reese’s peanut butter cup and my mom made me cut into four pieces and share with my sister and two brothers.  Yes each one of us got about a thumb nail size piece of it.  Just enough to wet our appetite and crave more that we couldn’t have.

I believe the reason my mother made us share everything, was because she grew up in the depression era!  I do believing in sharing…and sometimes I believe it’s only mine!

So what treat or goodies are you hiding from others in your household?  




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