It’s so important to keep up with those friendships as you get older. I have friends all over the world, yet I have lost touch with many of them over the years (except through Facebook).


Here are some dear old friends, some who were my roommates at some point.  I miss hanging out with them.

We don’t take a coffee break like we used to – do we even take breaks? Married with children and just being busy, we can get so caught up in rushing through life that we forget to stop and have that time with friends. This goes for both women and men. We need our friends. Yes, I hear you saying that your husband or wife is your best friend, but you still need friends outside of your marriage.  I have decided that I will make that time for friends once again.  Whether it is in person or on the phone I will make a commitment to both myself and them to have my “friend” time!

Do you have friends you gather with on a regular basis? On an irregular basis?

Please share some ideas of how you make time for your friends and what you do together.

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