Put that phone down!

It seems like everyone is on some kind of device at some point.  Cell Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer! And sometimes a little too much!  We have to check our Facebook or our Tumblr account, tweet someone.  Maybe we are expecting to get an email, or maybe we don’t expect one, but hey we might be getting one, so I better check my phone.  Are you as addicted as my family members are!

Time Out!  Technology Off!

In our house, it’s suppose to be that at 9:00 pm everyone needs to be off their electronic devices: phones, computer, video games, etc.  But sometimes it is hard to have that as a stead fast law, especially when we as parents aren’t doing it ourselves.

I remember one time our family was at my sons school waiting for my son to perform and my 92 year old mom discovered HI – Q on my cell phone and she didn’t want to stop playing till she finished her game or the performance started!  What is this world coming to!

Do you have all devices off rules for yourself or for your family?  So how are you doing with turning your device off?



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