When I was visiting New York City in October 1987, I had the opportunity to sit with Carly Simon and share a slice of pizza.  This was a prayer answered from the night before.  While I was in NYC I was with a dear friend Kathie.  She was a singer and we were walking by Radio City Music Hall. We didn’t realize it at first, but we asked people why they were standing outside, waiting for something or someone.  They said it was the Grammy’s and Carly Simon was about to show up and walk the red carpet.  Goodness, finally my opportunity to see my idol!  Well, my friend Kathie reminded me that we were on our way to church and people were waiting on us.  I said that I was sure they would understand if we were late because I was waiting to see my music idol, Carly Simon.  Well, we left without seeing her and later that night, on the news, they showed Carly walking the red carpet and she won the Grammy!  Ugh, I was so disappointed. I missed this opportunity and I was so close. I remember getting on my knees and saying a prayer.  ”God, I put you first. I went to church and you know how much I would love to meet Carly.”

The next day I was meeting up with another friend who was going on a mission trip to Johannesburg.  We met uptown on 101st Street and Broadway. I really wanted a great slice of pizza and to be sure my friend had one before she left the country.  When I picked her up, I asked the folks she was staying with where we should go for the best Pizza.  They suggested a place on Amsterdam Ave., but didn’t remember the name of it.  So we started walking down the avenue!  As we started our journey looking for the best slice of pizza, it was crazy because one place said Pizza, but it was closed.  Another was under construction, another… well you get the picture.  Still we couldn’t find it.  It was supposed to be on the left side (east side) of the avenue, so we proceeded to search for it.  We got all the way down to 77th street, before the Beacon theater. Then finally there was a Pizza shop and it was very tiny.  We weren’t sure it was the one, but it was the ONE we were going to eat at — we were starving after walking more than 22 blocks!

There were only about five tables in the shop, so we grabbed one. We ate our slices and as we were getting ready to leave then, YES!!! — here comes Carly Simon with Jim Hart, her fiance at the time.  I was calm and I told Cheryl, “You are not going to believe this, but look up, it’s Carly Simon!”  She flipped and I was calm.  She asked, “So what are you going to do?” I said, “Well, I am going to do what I promised God.  I will tell Carly about my prayer and how God answered it for me.”  Yes, it was risky, but I got up and apologized to Carly for interrupting her privacy. She was very kind and asked me to share more with her and asked us to sit with her and Jim and talk with them longer.  It was like an out of body experience!  She is just like everyone else, and my prayer was answered.  I told her I was considering moving to NYC and around one year later I did.

the langham image

This is the Langham where Carly had lived at the time.

Both Photos are from Bing Images.  




So here’s the second time in a lifetime.  After I moved to NYC I was walking down Central Park West with another friend, Barbara.  We saw a limo pulling up in front of The Langham building, not unusual in NYC, but who comes out of the car? YES, Carly Simon!  I couldn’t believe it.  I said hello and she remembered me and we talked about me moving up to NYC and she shared how she had just returned from filming the music video for Working Girls.  Carly won a Grammy, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe for the song: Let the River Run. Talk about happy!  Yes, it definitely increased my faith and my dream of meeting Carly came true!  Again!

So I say: pray the prayer, dream the dream, make the wish and, you never  know, they just may come true!!!

Please share a story with us, when you personally had a prayer answered, a wish came true or dream that came to life!   







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