This is a story from a friend of a conversation that he and his daughter had at breakfast.  He said I could share it with you!

Michele’s out of town, so after we dropped Sydney off at school this morning Cassidy and I hit the diner for our traditional “Best Day Ever” kickoff.

C: “Dad,” what did you want to be when you were in 3rd grade?”
ME: “I just wanted to have fun.”
C: “My friend Skylar already has her future planned.”
ME: “Is that right?”
C: “Yes, she’s going to be a gymnast.”
ME: “So what about you? What are you thinking?”
C: “Well, I was thinking about going to NYU, but my teacher said that not too many people can get in there.”
ME: “You can go anywhere and do anything you want in this world sweetie. We’ll go online and look at colleges when you get home today.”
C: “OK, because I’ll probably live in New York and become a fashion designer.”
ME: “Sounds like a plan. Are you going to finish those home-fries?”

Tommy said she ended up the conversation by saying, “I guess things worked out like you wanted.” I said, “What do you mean?” She smiled and said, “When you were in 3rd grade you said you wanted to have fun and now you always do.” I love that kid!

Tommy Wyatt is the dad of Cassidy, a third grader!  Tommy is a successful business man and the author of Appreciation Marketing!  And he does have fun at what he does!

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