It’s funny how this Generation  has been abbreviating words so often that they think they are the ones who invented it.  From texting to the human voice, most young people are smashing words into short ones.  Is it that they are trying to save their voices or their fingers?  Or is it that we are in such a hurry that we have to make even words and sayings short and compact, so we can get to the point quicker?

I love this video by Judy Carter who is a motivational speaker, author and comedian! (I’m reading her book: The Message of You).  Here she is addressing an audience about being stressed out!  I had to laugh when I heard this because it is the way we talk everyday.  We have been abbreviating words for years now.  I think that new words and/or abbreviations are being invented every day!

Let me know what you think of Judy and if you have any other words or abbreviations to add to our website!


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