I heard that the word “WHATEVER” was the most hated word for the FIFTH year in a row! Well, my mom, bless her soul, loved saying that word.  She was 93 years old last year when she passed away.  She said it so much that we bought her a WHATEVER plaque and still have it hanging in our hallway.


Why did my mom say “WHATEVER”?

My mom had a stroke and she couldn’t always find the words to say.  So there would be times she would say “pass the toothpaste,” but we would be at the dinner table and she would be pointing at the salt. I often would know what she meant.  Usually one of the kids would say, “you mean salt, Grandma.” Then she would throw her hand up in the air and say “WHATEVER!” She loved that word. And to be honest, when she would say it, it was fun and didn’t bother me a bit!

So here’s to Gracie in heaven –  Whatever! So what word drives you crazy?

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