My lifetime.  Meaning, if it wasn’t for this wedding I probably wouldn’t be here today.  This is the wedding of my mom, Grace, and dad, Michael, on July 28th 1946.  I found this Super 8 film in my mother’s belongings after she passed away.  I now regret that I didn’t have it converted to a viewable format while my mom was alive.  I love watching it over and over.  Seeing my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family walk and interact, when I have only ever seen them in two photos, blows my mind.  I see that Papa, who is my mother’s father, moves like my Uncle Dom, my mother’s brother.  I was blessed to be able to wear my mom’s wedding gown 51 years later in October, 1995! (the photo below is of me and my father – I am wearing my mother’s 49 year old wedding dress). The photo on this post is of my mother and her father Domenico.

dad and jenn

The lesson here is to find out what videos your parents have, and get them converted.  Preserve your family history and share it with the younger generation.

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