When was the last time you got all dressed up and went out to dinner or dancing?  It seems as though we don’t get all decked out and go out like they did in the earlier days.  I have noticed there is not much of a dress code any longer at many restaurants.  The times I have called ahead or when making the reservation and I ask if there is a dress code, they don’t really have one.  Or the dress code is nice casual or no jeans.  But they don’t say to wear a suit jacket and/or tie for men.  It’s rare to find that at many restaurants anymore.  If you watch Mad Men you may notice that they dressed up often, like my mom and her cousins did in this photo when at the Waldorf Astoria!

I remember when we lived upstate New York, my mom and dad would go away to the Catskill mountains with two of their best friends, Sam and Sylvia Tillman, for a get away weekend!  I remember it vividly, that one time my mom was wearing a long sea green gown and a white shoulder fur and my dad wore a suit.  She looked so beautiful and my dad was so handsome!

If you are married how often do you and your spouse go out to dinner on a date?  Do you ever have a “get away” weekend?  Please share it with us!


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