The other day I was speaking to the mother of my daughter’s friend about how she does not know half of the social media sites out there.  I understood completely how she felt.  I was naming off Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook (this she knew of).  Life is so different then it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago and – goodness – it has totally changed since I graduated over 35 years ago!  I wonder what the world will be like in another five years from now.  I remember watching The Jetsons and remember wanting the world to become just like the show.  But now that it has, in many ways, exceeded what they were proposing back then, sometimes I am not sure I would wish for that all over again.

I heard about a month ago that many people in NYC are unplugging from all their electronic devices when they returned home from work. Many were getting home phones again more like the traditional kind so that it would be easier to unplug.  I myself have unplugged more often, and that is because I have been putting more time into my family and my home without being on the computer, tablet or cell phone as often.  

It seems like when you are mindful and totally there in the moment you enjoy life more!  You actually can hear what a person is saying and feeling because you are tuned into them, looking into their eyes and not distracted. 

Are you with friends or family right now while reading this post of mine?  I will allow you to read more later, but for now I challenge you to unplug and enjoy those people you are with or the sounds you are hearing and take a electric break!

I am going to unplug and go make my family some homemade Tiramisu!  Being unplugged taste delicious!  

Tell us if you are unplugging more often and what you have noticed since you have!

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