Written by guest blogger: Lilly Turner

As my brother approaches high school, it dawns on me that I only have one month to teach him everything he should know about high school.  Our school is a secondary school, which means it is both middle school and high school.  Although there will not be a change of location, he will be in a new environment.  The teachers will give you homework like you don’t have any other classes, running around the six-city-block campus, having the workload hit you head-on; it’s all a lot to get used to.  But the one thing that is most differentiating from middle school is the people.  And the one movie that illustrates it the best, is Mean Girls, with Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan.


Although many argue that it is just showing the stereotypical high-school events, they are surely wrong.  My friend has been bullied for some time, and one of the pranks the character, Regina used on Cady was used on my friend.


The other day, my brother and I were watching a movie, as it finished, we were getting ready to go to bed when the commercial for Mean Girls came on.  It was the next movie, and I asked my brother if he wanted to watch it with me.  He declined, saying he was too tired.  I then asked why he didn’t want to see one of the most amazing movies ever.  I later  found out the truth, that my brother, almost 15, thought that the movie was just for girls!


So the next day, my mother was out, and I told him I had a high school surprise for him.  He sat down with me, but when he saw the title, he made a sarcastic remark as expected.


As soon as I started to play it, my brother came down to watch it with me.  My dad walked by to get to the stairs when my brother invited him to sit and watch it with us. We restarted it, and both my brother and dad were laughing up a storm.  And of course my brother ended up loving it.


As I finish this article, I realize it has transformed from a rant to a conquering story. So, I encourage you all to show a man in your life Mean Girls.  For all we know, it might save them from being hit by a bus! (to get this statement you have to watch the movie)


If you have seen the movie or plan on watching it, then afterwards please let us know if you or someone you know have experienced this kind of treatment from others in High School.

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