What is Generations Yap?

Generations Yap is a place where you can learn about your generation as well as the generations that come before and after you.  This is a place where many will share their stories of how they walk the path of life, and where you can be inspired.

It’s also a place where you will gain words of wisdom and can share your wisdom with others; learn what social media sites the different generations use, and about the new technology that is here or coming our way!

Please take time to Yap Along With Us.  We want to hear from you!

About the Chief Yapper:  Jennifer Sanicola Elkin

I am a wife of 18 years and a mother of two teenagers.  Until recently, I was a care taker of my 93-year old mother.  I became a mother just a few months before I turned 40 years old.  One thing I constantly hear is, “Well, it’s good you had children when you were older.  You must have much more patience, wisdom and energy.  And they will keep you young!”  I am not so sure about the last two comments, though!  My energy level and the theory that they will keep me young is still debatable!

Many people describe me as sociable, friendly, creative, driven, hard working, someone who gives to others, and one who has high expectations of herself and those around her.  Many of those qualities I will credit to my parents, most to my mother.  Hard work I will chalk up to both my parents!

I am married to Jon, who is a West Point graduate, and then continued his education earning a Masters Degree as a Nurse Practitioner.  He now works for the #2 company on Forbes magazine’s list of Best Companies To Work For in 2013.  Our two children are the best things I have ever created, though my husband gets joint credit.  And, of course, GOD is the one who ultimately created these beautiful children!

This website is dedicated to my husband, children and family, and it was created so that we can understand each other better!

Thank you for visiting!  


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